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The United Kingdom has a rich history and there are many organisations and genealogical societies accumulating vast swathes of information. Parish records, family photos, village and town stories, planning maps, coastal routes and so much more information to collect. So we thought we’d share some insights with you of a particular job we completed a couple of years ago for the Norfolk Family History Society (NFHS). You can find out more about their organisation at their web site ADS assisted in scanning many thousands of documents relating to Norfolk’s history, ranging in size from A2 to really very tiny! Of course some documents were in a fragile state and a little bit faded which required very careful handling by the ADS team. Typical examples were family tree charts, sepia photographs, letters and other history from families who had lived in Norfolk through the ages. ADS’s scanning process has now guaranteed that this rich source of local information will be available for generations to come to enable people to find out more about where they came from in Norfolk.

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