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By March 23, 2017February 1st, 2023No Comments1 min read

A Hertford based music publishing company are bucking the trend to move the business out of London, and heave decided to move to a new location into London. However the new London offices are smaller than the Hertford ones, and ADS was asked to scan all the archived office documentation and hence free up space in the new office. More exciting is that ADS has also been asked to digitise the companies back issues of their music weekly publications going back to the 1950,s to the present day. The scanned data will then be loaded to the companies website for customers to access. The scanning process started with the magazines being carefully guillotined to enable perfect registration, then scanning and indexing for easy page look up.

We can also offer book scanning where the books remain intact when when being scanned. This scanning process is particually usefully when we are dealing with rare and fragile historic books.

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