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Client On-Site Document Scanning

Our Client On-Site Secure Scanning process is ideal for organisations requiring high security level documents to be retained on site.

Archive Document Scanning (ADS) understands that some documents contain sensitive information (resumés, medical records, financial information, legal documents etc.) that cannot leave the clients site. If your documents are required

to be processed on-site, we can arrange for an on-site production team to set up using all our own software and hardware to complete the project in the security of your office.

Client On Site Document Scanning

There are many benefits of taking this approach.

Your documents are kept within your control at all times and never leave the site, enabling you to be in control of the scanning process.

Your clients and customers can be assured that scanned documents are being processed to meet your or their compliance standards.

This service is available across the UK. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01992 511080 or through our enquiry page on this website.

“Our On-Site scanning service provides a secure process, giving you complete piece of mind.”

Clive Watkins