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To ensure schools are compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 more and more information has to be held on file.  Where lengthy retention periods have been allocated to records staff may wish to consider converting paper records to the digital media.

ADS is already working with schools, academies and further education institutions to convert their paper documents onto electronic files, thus ensuring safety against fire, water damage and degregation of the paper files.

As budgets become tighter and the demand for student intake increases space becomes a premium, scanning school documentation reduces the need for file storage, therefore alleviating precious areas to convert existing storage space in to class rooms, staff rooms, administration offices etc.

A Government launched white paper regarding funding of academy schools.  Each year academy schools have to create a business plan to obtain the following year's funding/grants from the Central Government.  The white paper states that student records both archived and new intake at Year 7 are to be electronically scanned.

For more information of our services within the educational sector please contact 01992 511080 or alternatively please complete our on line enquiry sheet.

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