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There are situations when you don’t want to let your information out of sight, and certainly not off-site which was the case when we helped Bank of London and the Middle East. In the case of the banking industry it’s not uncommon to be asked to work in their vaults under close supervision and with security staff. ADS’s own team have worked in this environment in London and the H...

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Quality Assurance ProcessPosted on 04/03/2020

ADS have a robust QA system and our customers are always welcome to visit and audit our processes. Recently a customer who is a property management company in Hatfield, Hertfordshire visited our production offices to conduct an audit and as part of that took a batch sample of files and counted all the sheets within the sample files and found that the quantity stated by the scanning process was exa...

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Financial Services company to digitise their files to increase office spacePosted on 02/03/2020

Financial services is an industry still dominated by vast amounts of paperwork and the physical space taken up by this is holding back growth in their available office space. The obvious solution is to remove and store the documents off-site but then both access and storage costs are expensive. And it still doesn’t solve the fundamental problem of quick data retrieval.Digitising the physi...

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