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Document scanning helping the maritime communityPosted on 02/07/2019

We’re down in the South West in Devon and Somerset talking to marina operators and brokers and discovering that they are awash with paperwork ....... sorry, couldn't resist that! All those boat owners have immense amounts of historical information whether a large or small vessel, and you still need all the documentation to prove ownership, insurance, operating instructions, boat inventory, s...

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NHS RecordsPosted on 02/07/2019

Medical records are something we all take for granted when we are seeing our GP or whilst in hospital. We’ve always wondered where the line between tablets (not those little round things!) used on the wards takes over from good old-fashioned paper and biro. The NHS has embraced technology but there are still examples where paper and pen is used. And so that brings us on to how ADS can help N...

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Businesses nervous about Brexit. Posted on 02/07/2019

Interestingly we have been told by a RICS qualified surveyor recently that property and land values have dropped in the South East and Thames Valley Corridor. This has been in parallel with businesses from those areas enquiring with ADS about document archiving to enable downsizing of their commercial premises or to create more office space without having to move. It seems that business investment...

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