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Document scanning, archiving, cloud storage for the legal professionPosted on 31/07/2019

ADS specialises in document management services for the legal profession. Solicitors produce huge amounts of paperwork regardless of whether it is conveyancing, family law, criminal law or any of the other myriad of services offered by today's legal practices. Therefore it is essential to maintain accurate and clear copies of documents such as deeds, wills, boundary drawings and court decisions. A...

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ADS always take’s great care with scanning our customers documents. Our operators are always in attendance at their scanning machine monitoring the progress of our clients’ jobs 100% of the time. We can then ensure that any issues with the scan image can be addressed at source such as staples sneaking through the scanner, sticky notes hiding away in between sheets, and all those oth...

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Document scanning helping the maritime communityPosted on 02/07/2019

We’re down in the South West in Devon and Somerset talking to marina operators and brokers and discovering that they are awash with paperwork ....... sorry, couldn't resist that! All those boat owners have immense amounts of historical information whether a large or small vessel, and you still need all the documentation to prove ownership, insurance, operating instructions, boat inventory, s...

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